About Us

private yoga lessons in dubai

ACT yoga is a complete yoga ecosystem that has now opened in Dubai. It provides yoga training from classical to simple forms to nurture your body and soul. We provide a research oriented, innovative form of yoga for all – regardless of age, fitness level or experience. It includes all forms of yoga to synergize a balanced lifestyle. At ACT Yoga we have conceptualized our programs based on Art, Culture and Tradition – the three inseperable elements in which Yoga is rooted.

When one realizes what he/she performs is not just a mechanical act but something more artistic and creative then they are inspired to practice to its perfection and thereby drawing a joyful satisfaction. The strain of practicing is eliminated and a deep sense of involvement emerges.

We firmly believe that yoga has a cultural dimension too .It’s origin is attributed to ancient Indian culture and has undergone various transformative processes through historical times. Though various streams of yoga have evolved during this process, the basics are still unchanging.

Everything that is cultural has its unique traditional platform with its specific sets of values and ethics. As a scientific entity, yoga rests upon its in-built artistic cultural and traditional uniqueness.

For us, these three features go hand-in-hand as for shaping our product model sticking to these basics, ACT yoga is all set to introduce the most innovative mode of yoga system that is most suitable and adoptive to the changing tim­­­es, of course, helmed by most expert masters and qualified instructors of yoga art.

Since last four years, ACT yoga has been conducting regular free training yoga classes on every Fridays at various locations in Dubai. Moved by high enthusiasm and feedback from the participants of these classes we were inspired to establish a permanent, authentic center for yoga that has proper legal approval by the concerned authorities. The institution, ACT yoga, is the realization of that dream to serve yoga literacy and solutions for various health problems.

private yoga lessons in dubai

Vision and Mission

ACT yoga is dedicated to promote a new path of experience in yoga literacy, and is committed to spread the lofty message:

“Make yoga a life style to lead a healthy life”