Fitness Program

Regular classes

For learners ACT Yoga hold regular classes. Learners are offered the ‘’six point spectrum yoga’’ from which they can pick any stream for practice, according to their choice. The six point Spectrum consist of Sapthasadhana, Kayakalpa, Hata yoga, Trinetra, Aasanabhedas and Pranavakriya.

Special Therapeutic yoga sessions

This is to treat-yourself-mode training to help one self to mitigate sufferings from various health disorders, including the ones that have gone to an extent of severe nature.

Yoga Siromani or ITC course

Those who want to be yoga instructors, ACT yoga offer a three-month instructors’ training course (ITC) to the aspirants. The syllabus of this course is an integrated one that will include all streams of six point spectrum yoga.

Private Lessons

Why choose for private yoga lessons?

  • One-on-one introduction into the basics of yoga.
  • Developing confidence to practice in group classes
  • Personalized practice at your pace and according your needs and preferences
  • Therapeutic, healing, restorative approach to manage or improve overall health, injuries or special needs
  • Hands-on adjustment to find the right alignment in postures
  • Schedule your yoga moment with a great flexibility suiting to your professional or social agenda
  • High quality one-on-one time to deepen your yoga practice or learn more about advanced yoga postures
  • Life coaching and yoga therapy for stress, burn-out, depression, anxiety and emotional blockages
  • Option to share the session with 4-5 friends or family members, ideal for mothers with young kids or as quality family time