ACT yoga support you:

  • To target health disorders whenever they appear.
  • To control Diabetes and blood pressure.
  • To say good-bye to excess fat.
  • To restrain backache and joint-pains, even the critical ones.
  • To check and contain lifestyle diseases.
  • To set free of stress and strain and restive moods.
  • To attain mind- body harmony.
  • To contain emotional swings and bouts.
  • To ensure easy oxygen distribution all across the body .
  • To correct metabolism disruptions
  • To solve respiratory troubles and undue blocks in lungs.
  • To ease the flow of blood circulation.
  • To prevent stomach upsets and digestive problems.
  • To enhance the functional ability of neural system
  • To flush out wastes and toxins from the body.
  • To invigorate cell-functions so as to rein in undue degeneration.
  • To stabilize and strengthen spinal system.
  • To improve brain functions.
  • To increase concentration power.
  • To maintain bladder system at its normal best.
  • To strengthen the stability and elasticity of muscle functions.


Don’t do exercise to slash calorie!

Why? Is calorie a negative factor to your body? Many believe that certain amount of calorie is to be burned is a must. But ACT yoga has a different concept on the issue- calorie is an essential factor to sustain the dynamism of the body. So, always remember, don’t do exercises to cut down calorie, but do the ones that are needed to remove harmful toxins.

Never do yoga mechanically!

  • The first thing what ACT yoga has to advice yoga students is that yoga is not something to do mechanically.
  • Any act doing in a mechanical way is not free and fair, in which creative involvement is damn sure at a loss.
  • Where yoga practice is mechanical, the most desirable compatibility or mind-body harmony is never realized, but turning the whole processes no less than a classic example of futility!
  • Mind-body harmony is one of the most fundamental goals of yoga which will lift human activities to its maximum creative high.
  • If you want to experience the full potential of yoga, do practice it on a non-mechanical, full involvement paradigm.


The approach and execution in ACT therapeutic yoga

  • As far as the approach and execution of therapeutic yoga is concerned, each case is examined on individual merit.
  • Beginning with a preliminary analysis of the gravity of the disease and an overall appraisal of the health condition of the individual, due exercise / exercises is/are suggested by our therapist.
  • Any exercise that will cause an unbearable pressure on the physical comfort of the patient will be strictly avoided so as to provide him/ her a maximum comfort zone while doing exercises.
  • In case any further improvised exercises are needed, will be decided after reviewing the recovery condition of the patient on a stage-by-stage evaluation.

Therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga is an effective treatment system based on scientific application of specific yoga methods, mostly based on movements and postures of human body. It is most effective to control many diseases such as excess fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes as well as stress and strain etc and diseases that have even a chronic history such as prolonged back ache and joint pains.

Therapeutic yoga is a special “treat yourself” project, which means enabling one to treat himself / herself even after the prescribed treatment schedule is over.

ACT yoga special sessions

  • 14-day therapeutic yoga: with special focus on how to contain diabetes and blood pressure without any diet control.
    • The impact of exercises: Excess sugar content produced in the body due to the malfunction of metabolic process, is converted into energy by employing specific exercises, which also in turn rectifies metabolic process. In the case of blood pressure, the level of high blood pressure is brought to a constant normal.
    • Stress and strain: Stress and strain is a harmful outcome of our present day-to-day life, especially of work related circumstances.

Special breathing exercises and aasanas are effectively used in therapeutic sessions to sooth down the stressful state of mind , and for that matter, of the body too, to ensure the normal peaceful state of mind is back again.

  • 28-day session for fat burning: This session will ensure the reduction of excess fat, with a prescribed diet control that spans over three days only.
  • Aasanabheda sessions for backbone related diseases: diseases such as back ache, spondylitis could be alleviated by our special yoga applications.