Our Team

Our Teaching Team

All of our teachers are qualified to the highest standards in their chosen fields. We believe that the best teachers are eternal students and our team are always refining their skills, to teach and prepare the students for nourishing a healthy lifestyle.

V K Suresh

Master and Founder of ACT YOGA

V.K.Suresh is a Specialized Yoga therapist who dedicated himself for studying about human psychology and anatomy. His deep knowledge in these subjects leads him to discover a new generation treatment based on the ancient system of Yogic metabolism. Master Suresh is a Yoga therapist , hypnotist and a traditional medical practitioner. Sankyayoga is the result of his incomparable knowledge in this field. 

In his early life he was the youngest follower of Prof. A.T.Kovur and he travelled around India with him. That experience helped him to find the cultural depth of India which lead to the formation of  ‘Art and Cultural Tradition – ACT’ . 

He established a new yoga system called Sankyayoga with a great passion to serve people who are suffering from lifestyle disorders without medicines . Because he believes that healthy life is the wealth of a strong community.

Rehana Edison

Senior Yoga Instructor

Rehana Edison has been preaching and practicing Yoga, Meditation, Art & Ayurveda for more than 10 years.
An eternal devotee of traditional art forms – she is profoundly known for her refined elegance and total internalization of emotive energy. Her class combines great discipline, knowledge of space and time. Her practices are a powerful and sustained love-pact between the practitioner and her material. Rehana is a strong follower of the limbs of yoga. She believes that by practicing Yoga, all impurities of life is destroyed and the radiance of Jnana (wisdom) is received which leads one to Viveka (Discernment).
Trained in Ashtanga yoga style by eminent Guru Vijay and graduating from The Yoga Institute, she have been practicing Yoga for more than ten years. She has also practiced Vipassana mediation. In additional to all this, she is a certified fitness instructor .

She has also been involved in theater and film to discover and nuture her immense creative talent. Through all her walks of life, she aims to inspire, provoke, build community, and ultimately touch the heart of many. Being an ardent dance lover, she have been practicing one of the most ancient and beautiful forms of Indian Classical Dance.

V S Ginesh

Senior Yoga Instructor

Master Ginesh hails from Trichur, Kerala where he commenced his yoga practice in 1991, initially to help with his fitness . Following a yoga lifestyle is now an integral part of his daily life and he believes that practicing yoga in all its forms is essential to manage stress and strain of modern living. His passion to teach yoga developed in 2006 which deepened immensely during the last decade at which he completed the 500 hr Teacher Training course in Sankyayoga under the eminent Master Suresh and Master Sam.

Ginesh believes and teaches the below Yoga forms

• postures/movements with inner attention to balance the body;
• proper use of breath with postures to develop mindful awareness;
• use of breathing techniques (prānāyama) and sound (meditation) to nurture mental clarity.