I was having severe back pain, i then consulted a doctor he prescribed me some pain killers and physiotherapy for a week. Still there wasn't any improvement, and one of my friend introduced Mr.Suresh. My friend took treatment under him for a month and she was perfectly fine, she asked me to contact Mr.Suresh. I called him and said everything what the doctor said and Mr.Suresh was ready to treat me. I was bedridden for almost a month, it was my luck to meet Mr.Suresh, he said that with-in two weeks he can make me fine. I was almost fine after two weeks. He asked me to do some exercises for 90 days without fail. Now i am perfectly fine and very thankful to him! I still do the exercises(one time a day).

Jini Babu Themetwins

It was 4 years ago I was diagnosed with the condition of disc prolapse which led to severe back pain consistently. I was advised to reduce my weight and surgery was the only recommended solution. I'm so glad I made my discovery of ACT YOGA. I have been able to strengthen my back muscles and spine. Moreover, being able to maintain a healthy and pain free lifestyle till date. Simon Mathew Dubai, UAE

Simon Mathew UAE

I didnt have a good idea about Yoga and dis not believe in their methods up until my first meeting with Master Suresh. He is really a great human being and knowledgeable. He really helped me and my friends to reduce weight without dieting. Today I believe in my body and I feel young and different. Thanks to ACT Yoga Seema, Sharjah, UAE

Seema UAE